Stop Hotlinking To Images Here!

While reviewing the logs here (sort of thing you end up doing when you’ve moved a site’s content from one domain to another, as well as changing the CMS version as well …) I noticed a silly number of people were hotlinking to images here.

I get a lot of the images from the PR departments of the various studios or from their PR / marketing agencies, so a lot of them are high resolution and excellent quality.

However I really don’t understand why people are stealing the images from here. It’s dumb and annoying, so I’ve decided to block them.

I’m not worried about the bandwidth costs for obvious reasons 🙂

But I do take issue with people stealing from me on an ongoing basis.

Put it another way.

If I was paying for bandwidth I’d probably get into serious overages every month from people hotlinking to images here.

In any case… I am still tweaking the setup a small bit, so if you are viewing this site in a feed reader or similar and have issues with images let me know and I’ll whitelist the domain.

I’d also consider whitelisting domains and services if people were to actually ask me first. (It’s not that hard – honest!)

If you don’t ask me for permission or if I haven’t whitelisted your domain already you will probably start seeing this image (courtesy of James)

no direct hotlinking

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