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Netflix Hiring For “Dream” Job

Netflix employ a bunch of people who “tag” content all day. Essentially the tagging categorises films and TV shows in order to give you better recommendations. They announced earlier today that they’re hiring for the role in the UK and Ireland. Here’s a video that explains (sort of) what the job involves: More coverage here, […]

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Sex Of Thrones

Game of Thrones has lots of violence. And unlike a lot of other mainstream TV shows the producers aren’t ever afraid to kill of a key character. But apart from all the gore there’s also a LOT of sex. And of every variety. So who has slept with whom? This graphic explains it all (via): […]

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Kevin Spacey On House Of Cards, Netflix and TV

Kevin Spacey recently gave the James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival. The talk focusses on how TV works, how streaming and Netflix works better for the audiences and how it can help combat copyright piracy Spacey is an excellent speaker who is both intelligent and witty, so this is well worth watching: […]

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