Fan Trailers With A Twist

The number of mashups, edits and other creative videos that you can find on YouTube is constantly growing.

One of the many sub-genres are fan trailers with a twist. While the quality of some of these trailers isn’t stellar, others are produced to almost the same standards as the big studios they’re parodying.

Here are a couple that I came across that really blew me away.

Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” as a serious historical drama:

What about a “happy” version of The Shining?

Robin Williams’ hit comedy Mrs Doubtfire recut as a horror? Yeah someone’s done that too:

There’s literally hundreds of others out there. Some of them take the more “old style” approach to their treatment, like this Silence of the Lambs trailer:

Of course while I do enjoy these I still wonder how on earth people find the time to make them all! 🙂

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