Cover of "Wimbledon"

Cover of Wimbledon

Richard Loncraine’s Wimbledon starring Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany isn’t a “big” film. It’s not one of those massive “blockbuster” Hollywood productions featuring huge sets and dazzling special effects. Far from it.
What it does have, however, is a good cast and a semi-decent storyline. (James MacAvoy plays a supporting role as well)
Bettany’s character has been playing tennis for years, but has never quite “made it”. He’s feeling his age and has decided to giveup his pro career in favour of a regular wage. Dunst on the other hand is young, energetic and driven. She’s willing to do almost anything to win.
The two meet and their romance, set against the backdrop of the Wimbledon championship makes for some great cinema.
From a purely cinematic point of view the film is probably most memorable for its very clever opening sequence, where the titles appear on the left and right of the screen similar to a tennis ball (worth seeing, as my explanation is terrible!). Even if you’re not a fan of tennis some of the shots of the games are bound to impress.
One to watch if you feel like cheering yourself up.

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