Irish Box Office Figures Down Due To On Demand?

El Capitan

Image by blacknight via Flickr

According to a report in today’s Independent Irish cinema box office figures are down considerably.

The report blames a number of factors, such as “3D fatigue” and a lack of “discretionary spending”. While both of those factors probably do have a role to play you’d have to wonder if they are the only ones.

A more comprehensive report covering things like “on demand” services such as iTunes, Zune etc., might give a more balanced view.

In recent months it has become increasingly common for film studios on both side of the Atlantic to give some films an “on demand” release at the same time or slightly before its big screen one.

Films such as “Knuckles” would probably never have got a widespread distribution deal, but For Lovers Only, starring Castle’s Stana Katic, could have done. At present it’s available via iTunes but not on the big screen, nor are there any official release dates on its IMDB page

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