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American Gangster

I am always very wary of films that seem to have excessive PR budgets. Of the films of 2007 American Gangster seemed to have attracted a lot of media attention. As happens when a film gets that much attention you are generally left wondering if it can possibly live up to all the hype. In […]

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Beowulf – Magnificent Failure

What do you get when you combine the acting talents of John Malkowich, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie and Brendan Gleeson? I would have thought you’d end up with a good film. If nothing else it wouldn’t be boring. However Beowulf simply fails to deliver. It’s not clear if it’s the script, the acting or the […]

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Next – Cage and Biel Excel

I hate overly hyped films. Not because of the films themselves, as, in many cases, they can be deserving of the hype. However it’s almost impossible to watch a hyped film without having certain expectations of it. It’s so much more pleasant to sit down and watch a film without having any expectations whatsoever. When […]

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