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Harry Potter Wand Boxset

Since the latest (and last) Harry Potter movie is still showing in cinemas it might be almost premature to be thinking about boxsets .. However it’s 2011, so we can pre-order DVDs and BluRay as soon as we get out of the cinema.. Here’s a particularly nice Harry Potter boxset (currently only available via Amazon […]

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Thor Blu Ray and DVD Promo

Marvel have put together a pretty slick promotional video (trailer?) for the upcoming blu ray and DVD release of Thor. It looks like they’re pushing both the extra features and some bonus material related to The Avengers, which goes on release next year. [youtube]Z_qe3Tc07-w[/youtube] The film gets its US release on Bluray and DVD on […]

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The Green Hornet

      Seth Rogen’s The Green Hornet is one of the worst films I’ve seen this year. Yes there are a few amusing bits, but most of the gags simply aren’t funny. And I’m not even sure if The Green Hornet is meant to be a comedy. What the film does have, however, is […]

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Machete


  Machete, a Robert Rodriguez film, has a pretty amazing list of stars and looks like it could either be incredibly good fun, or horrible. I can’t see it falling anywhere in the middle. It’s currently out on DVD, bluray and iTunes. Related Posts:SWAT FirefightColdplay Release Single From Upcoming SoundtrackXtra-Vision Shuts 9 StoresSkyfall Pre-Order Now […]

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