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I hadn’t heard anything about “Today’s Special”, so I didn’t have any crazy expectations for it. Some critics might have picked holes in it, but I really enjoyed it.

The film centres around an Indian chef, Samir (Aasif Mandvi), who is working as a sous-chef in a restaurant. While he might be a good chef technically his boss feels that he lacks “flair”. So Samir quits intending on heading to France to improve his skills. Before he can leave his father, who runs a traditional Indian restaurant, falls ill and Samir ends up taking over the restaurant to help out the family.

As the story unfolds Samir meets a taxi driver , played by Naseeruddin Shah, with a colourful past who takes over cooking in the restaurant and exposes Samir to a completely different style of cooking.

The film is a mixture of comedy and “feel good” drama and is best described as “good fun”.

Well worth grabbing on iTunes (or Netflix – if they have it)


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