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HD DVD Discs Still Available – Now At Really Low Prices

Image via Wikipedia While HD DVD may have lost the high definition format war, there are still a number of sites offering HD DVD discs at deep discounts. While the selection of titles may not be incredible, there are still some gems. AxelMusic, for example, has 24 HD DVD titles including 300 (Special Edition), V […]

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Irish Short Film – Blu Runner

Short films (shorts) are a very special kind of film. It’s not simply a matter of making a film that last only a few minutes, but of making a complete “story” or “narrative” that is incredibly compact. A full length “feature” can be anything from just over 60 minutes to in excess of 180 minutes, […]

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Warner Offers HD to BluRay Upgrade

Warner Brothers are currently offering an “upgrade” for HD DVD owners who want to make the switch to bluray. The concept is pretty simple. Most of the WB HD DVD catalogue is available on BluRay, so you simply choose the HD DVD titles you want to upgrade, add them to your shopping cart and then […]

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I Am Legend On DVD, Blu Ray and HD DVD

I Am Legend, starring Will Smith will be released on DVD and Blu Ray on March 18th, with a HD DVD release slated for April 8th. While the film may have received mixed reviews most people seem to agree that Smith’s co-star – his dog, was wonderful, so the video here maybe of interest Enjoy! […]

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