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This week sees the release of several Luc Besson titles on Bluray for the first time. Le Grand Bleu, Nikita, Atlantis, Leon – they’re all getting the bluray treatment.

Le Grand Bleu was previously released in the French market in French language only, which was quite annoying, so hopefully this UK release will have a proper audio track. Unfortunately the release details are a bit scant and any reviews I’ve seen so far are about the French language release.

Nikita, which was remade in English and also spawned a tv show, is a great film from the height of Besson’s career.

Atlantis, which is bundled with the French release of Le Grand Bleu, is being released as a separate disc. It’s a beautiful film, though more suited to providing background visuals than actually being watched from start to end.

Leon – another classic, with yet another Eric Serra soundtrack, stars Jean Reno (who crops up in a lot of Besson’s films). It also features an early role for Natalie Portman.

Personally I intend to grab copies of a few of these titles, as Besson has always been one of my favourites. I’ll report back on the audio!

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