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James Bond – Quantum of Solace – New Photos

If waiting for the release of the new James Bond adventure, Quantum of Solace, starring Daniel Craig, is proving too difficult then maybe this orgy of new photos might keep you happy for the next while. Simply click on any of the photos to get the full size version: Related Posts:No Related Posts

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Point Break – Pure Adrenaline Edition (Blu Ray)

Image via Wikipedia Point Break is not a lifechanging film. It doesn’t have the best acting in the world and the script isn’t exactly amazing. What it is, however, is a damn good action film. Re-released on blu ray earlier this month the disc brings the action of Point Break to glorious HD for the […]

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ATHENS, GREECE - JUNE 28:  (L-R) Dominic Coope...

Mamma Mia – A Breath of Fresh Air

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Mamma Mia is one of those rare films that is truly a breath of fresh air. From the opening credits right through to the finale it is truly entertaining, but not just at a merely superficial level. It’s fun. It will make you laugh and it may almost make […]

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Alatriste – Great Actors Fail To Save Historical Romp

Viggo Mortensen and Eduardo Noriega are both fine actors. I’d go so far as to say they are both excellent actors. Unfortunately even good actors cannot save some films. Such is the case with Alatriste, which is a very large Franco-Spanish-American co-production. Based on the novels of Arturo Perez Reverte, it follows the life and […]

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